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WebToMet was originally designed to collect data from "MarketMaker" which is a live display of securities prices provided by "Deal4Free" and put it into MetaStock Professional as MarketMaker doesn't provide any way to do this. The benefit of using MetaStock as opposed to using the graphs provided is obvious to anyone who has MetaStock, there are many more indicators that can be drawn on the charts, the scaling is better, as well as more advanced options such as explorations.

Deal4Free is a CFD web site and only one of many such sites around the world. It is the spread trading name of the CMC group. CMC stands for Currency Management Corporation.

Another option is to buy data on line for direct input into MetaStock but this has two drawbacks, it's expensive and the numbers don't quite match with MarketMaker as MarketMaker is a trading platform and is a derivative of the market and not the market directly.

WebToMet has been made adjustable so that it can be made to match the format of other watch screens such as "Medved QuoteTracker", a live watch screen showing data collected from free data services provided by online brokers. Quote Tracker is adware or you can pay a small fee, if you don't mind the adds then this is a lot cheaper for intraday data. I've noticed that there is a program available on the market now that uses a direct data connection to Quote Tracker and writes directly to MetaStock data files. It is not very expensive and as most people don't specifically want the Deal4Free version of the data I have decided that there is not much point in selling WebToMet any more.

WebToMet only reads from the screen and doesn't interact with the underlying watch screen, once lined up it will still read when minimized or hidden below the watch screen. To read prices all day the screen can be turned off. A screen saver can't be used. Normal text reading programs work on the nearest percentage match when reading text, WebToMet on the other hand has been made to work from exact images so that there are less likely to be mistakes.

This image shows WebToMet lined up on MarketMaker, the image shown half size is taken from the help and there are a lot more images showing the setup procedure so that it is fairly easy to get started.

It will read a lot more securities than shown here.

Version 3 with a separate control window can be used on a narrow screen or from a separate screen.

The setup below has the MarketMaker watch screen running on an old 640 x 480 analog screen that is driven by an old video card with only 256 colours and the main screen at the front is a 1024 x 768 digital screen running MetaStock Professional. The WebToMet program is hidden below MetaStock and reading MarketMaker on the other screen. 256 meg. of memory was needed before MetaStock would handle a reasonable number of charts with everything else running all day.

This would have to be close to the minimum setup.

Download WebToMet.

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